POINTek, Inc. is committed to protect your personal information and we try to comply with all applicable data privacy law, including but not limited to Republic of Korea’s Personal Information Protection Act (“PIPA”) imposed and enforced by the Government of Republic of Korea Personal Information Protection Commission (“PIPC”), which became effective on August 5, 2020.

We address our Privacy Policy in four major articles: (1) Collection of Personal Information, (2) Use of Personal Information, (3) Administrator Responsible for Keeping Personal Information, and Updates to Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Information
POINTek, Inc. does not collect your personal information actively or knowingly because our Products and Services are not designed for consumers or individuals, especially children – our solutions are for those who provide Telecom, Data Center, Cable or Internet services.  Unlike some companies who use automatic data collection tools such as cookies or web beacons to track the online behavior of web site visitors for the purpose of advertising or web analytics, we do not employ any of these obtrusive tools to collect personal information.  Our collection of personal information is essentially passive and voluntary in that we get your personal information only when you indicate that you wanted us to communicate with you for any additional information or job application.

Fundamentally, POINTek is taking a minimalistic approach in collecting any personal information.  This is because POINTek does not use any information, collected directly or indirectly, for any commercial purpose other than communicating with those individuals who provided personal information voluntarily through responses to the “Contact Us” email messages.  Although we ask you to provide data such as your name, email address, phone number, and your title at your company, the only required data is your name and email address.  This information that you provided is part of our standard corporate email communication system and all POINTek employees are obligated to keep their email communications strictly confidential.

Use of Personal Information
POINTek, Inc. may use all personal information solely for the purposes of operating our business – answering your online questions, improving our websites; sending marketing and other communications related to our products; processing job applications and hiring employees; and other legitimate purposes permitted by applicable law.  WE cannot emphasize enough that the use of your personal information is solely internal, and we’ll NEVER sell or share your personal information to any third parties.

POINTek, Inc. may use your IP address in studying our web site users’ preferences, traffic patterns, and other information in the aggregate for improving our web site.  Our history of upgrading the web site indicates that we are very conservative in changing our web site through the use of web analytics based on automatically collected data, which depicts your domain and location, not your personal information.

Administrator Responsible for Keeping Personal Information
When you wish to communicate with POINTek, Inc., purchase or use our products or services, provide products or services to us, visit our website, facilities, trade shows or customer events, the party responsible for managing and processing your data is head of administration:
POINTek, Inc.
Office of Administration
Suite 605, Woolim L.V. III, 5445 Sangdaewon, Jungwon
Seongnam, Geonggi, R.O Korea 13403
Phone: +82-31-720-5151
Email: sales@pointek.co.kr

In general, you can contact POINTek, Inc. by mail/email at the above address (Attn: Administration) or via phone. Should you have any question or comment related to this Privacy Statement, personal information, or any other concerns you may have regarding the privacy at POINTek, please contact our Office of Administration.

Updates to Privacy Policy
POINTek, Inc. will update this Privacy Policy if we need to change any part of policy that may impact protection of your personal information on a timely manner.  The change may be driven by the applicable law and its amendments or our internal decision in utilizing our web site differently in tune with new business strategies.  However, any changes, trivial or significant, will be displayed in this Privacy Policy link.

The Privacy Policy herein was revised and posted as of February 10, 2021.