Dual Mode Athermal AWG Modules for 5G Wireless Fronthaul and FTTH Networks

June 18, 2021

POINTek, Inc., a global leader and provider of high performance athermal AWGs, announced launching of new Dual Mode Athermal AWG Multi/Demultiplexer Modules capable of supporting DWDM athermal AWG Multiplexer/Demultiplexer function for 5G fronthaul application and GPON/XGPON for FTTH application.

The Hybrid AWG with a Built-in Splitter performs dual functions (hence, dual mode) of purely point-to-point 5G DWDM wireless fronthaul as well as GPON/XGPON/XGSPON point-to-multipoint FTTH (see Figure 1). The Hybrid AWG consists of 5G Wireless Fronthaul 20-CH DWDM Upstream and 20-CH DWDM Downstream ports with a GPON/XGPON Splitter connectivity.  The AWG with an Expansion Port performs dual functions of purely point-to-point 5G DWDM wireless fronthaul as well as an expansion port for GPON/XGPON/XGSPON point-to-multipoint FTTH (see Figure 2). The AWG with an Expansion Port consists of 5G Wireless Fronthaul 20-CH DWDM Upstream and 20-CH DWDM Downstream ports with an expansion port to implement GPON/XGPON external Splitter connectivity.

Figure 1.  Hybrid Athermal AWG with a Bulit-in GPON/XGPON Splitter

Figure 2.  Athermal AWG with an Expansion Port for GPON/XGPON Connectivity

"This new dual mode AWG Multi/Demultiplexer operates with C-band wavelengths and it is basically equipped with a GPON/XGPON expansion port for FTTH upgrade if desired. This expansion port can be connected to a GPON/XGPON/ XGSPON Splitter operating at 1310/1270nm and 1490nm/1577nm for GPON/XGPON(XGSPON) respectively," according to Dr. Donald Yu, CMO of POINTek, operating from Los Angeles, California. Yu explains that the Splitter can be connected to the Expansion port, thereby enabling the Telecom Service providers to manage broadband equipment timely. incrementally, and cost-effectively. "This dual mode AWGs designed for specific market and application targets constitute just-in-time addition to many of our existing athermal AWG products," Yu adds.

POINTek's Athermal AWGs are 100% passive and individually customized for specific markets and applications. Every AWG vendor seeks specific discrimination solutions, but POINTek's optical packaging technique not only enables the company to manufacture all types of customized Athermal AWGs but also allows to escalate its athermalization technology one level high, ideally suited for merging DWDM with GPON/XGPON to affect the dual mode application with a single yet powerful athermal AWG module design.

"Due to the excellent athermal and low insertion loss characteristics, this hybrid AWG family is a perfect solution to support both 5G Wireless Fronthaul and FTTH incrementally and independently," says Dr. T.H. Rhee, CEO of POINTek.  "We meet customer's unique operational environment optimally.  For example, we can provide this new dual mode athermal AWG for meeting the emerging broadband infrastructure deployments where 5G Wireless fronthaul upgrade is needed in priority or where FTTH with existing GPON or upgrade to XGPON is desired on top of on-going 5G wireless fronthaul infra," Rhee adds.

POINTek's Hybrid Athermal AWG Multi/Demultiplexer solution with either a Built-in Splitter or an Expansion Port for GPON/XGPON Splitter offers a timely and appropriate solution to on-going Broadband Infrastructure upgrade globally.

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