Super Athermal AWGs for Extreme Temperature Applications

‌Mar. 11, 2016

POINTek, Inc., a global leader and provider of high performance athermal AWGs (AAWGs) and optical module packaging services, today announced the release of Super Athermal AWGs that could be used for denser channel DWDM applications like 25GHz DWDM as well as the extreme temperature operating environment applications such as -40°C ~ 85°C for outside plant deployments.

Conventional athermal AWGs are made to support a total of 60pm or larger wavelength drift, which amounts to compensating 0.5pm/°C shift in the operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. In POINTek's Super AAWG which is based on IP-pending optical packaging technology, the Super AAWGs can be made to support a total of only 20pm or less wavelength drift, equivalent to 0.15pm/°C shift; hence such Super AAWG can sufficiently withstand the industrial temperature operational range of  -40°C ~ 85°C.

"POINTek's Super AAWG is the result of continuing improvement of POINTek's athermalization technology and packaging process. We are releasing this Super AAWG product as the DWDM user community is getting ready for using a greater DWDM channel support beyond 50 GHz at the rate of 100G as well as an extreme temperature operating environment," according to Dr. TH Rhee, CEO of POINTek. "I label our AAWGs as Super AAWG as no AAWG with this 20pm total, 0.15pm/°C shift performance is available from any AWG vendor on the markets today, and we are the first in the world," Rhee adds.

‌Since January 2004, POINTek has released its own athermalization IP-based AAWG products, starting from 16 CH AAWG in all type of spectral characteristics.  Presently, POINTek manufactures and markets globally all custom type AAWGs in multiple channels (e.g., 40CH, 44CH, 48CH, 80CH, 88CH, and 96CH), spectrum (e.g., Gaussian, Semi-flat, and Flat-top), channel spacing (200GHz, 100GHz, 75GHz, and 50GHz), band (C-band, L-band, dual C/L cyclic bands), optional features (e.g., internal or external monitoring TAP port, OSC port, etc.), package configuration (in brick or in chassis), and unique (e.g., comb filters) or special customized requirements (e.g., 1/2 MUX and 1/2DMUX in one brick).

‌"POINTek has been selling globally athermal AWG-based filters in different spectrum types and channels including WDM-PON enabling dual-band filters," according to Dr. Donald Yu, CMO of POINTek, who runs global marketing operations in Anaheim, California. Yu explains that POINTek's broad yet specialized optical packaging technology allows us to manufacture all types of customized AAWGs as POINTek's athermalization technology is good for optimizing temperature-induced wavelength shift up to 25GHz channel spacing.  "Now, we have refined our optical packaging know-hows to the Super AAWG capability," Yu adds.

‌POINTek has deployed more than 61,000 AAWG units globally. Leveraging POINTek's IPs in packaging AAWG, however, POINTek has been able to branch out and produce integrated DWDM products.  Pointing to POINTek's recent popular 24-CH high density Passive TAP and 96-CH high density Passive TAP with MPO cabling, Dr. Hyung Jae Lee, POINTek's CTO, said "this TAP solution is a natural extension of the company's over 20-year's expertise in optical packaging and integration technology beyond the domain of athermal AWG-based DWDM filters that ranged from 100 GHz 40-channel multi/demultiplexers to 50GHz 96-channel multi/demultiplexers." "But we are not just an AWG specialty company.  We started the DWDM MUX/DMUX business with the athermal AWG product line, and then we have added Aero-space optical product line since 2011.  Now, we are adding high-density passive optical TAP product line to our product portfolio, including the Super AAWG with the aim of transforming POINTek into Integrated DWDM solution company," Lee adds.

‌POINTek management expressed their continuous commitments to their core AAWG products in the multitudes of the athermal AWG family products, and these products including Super AAWG will be shown in POINTek booth 2265 at the forthcoming OFC2016 Exposition in Anaheim, March 22~24, 2016.

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