High-Density Passive Optical TAP And High-Channel DWDM AWG Filter for High-performance Data Centers

S‌ep. 29, 2015

POINTek, Inc., a global leader and provider of athermal AWGs and optical module packaging services for telecom, cable TV, and Aero-Space industries, today announced the release of multiple 48-channel High-Density Passive Optical TAP solution which is designed to provide network and data center operators with high-performance and high-availability network traffic monitoring capabilities for today's dynamic network infrastructures. "POINTek's passive optical HD-TAP on a 1RU chassis is a high-density passive optical tapping solution providing varying line-rate (for 1G/10G/40G/100G) access to individual network links independently. The chassis holds up to 48-channel TAP capability in an Unidirectional line or 24-channel TAP capability in Bi-directional lines based on the standard LC connector  and Multiple 24-CH Tap capability up to 192-channel based on MPO connector termination, or a mix of the two modes in 1RU chassis. This provides networking professionals with the highest dense basic data traffics monitoring solution on the market," according to Dr. TH Rhee, CEO of POINTek.

Since January 2004, POINTek has released its own athermal AWG products including 50 GHz 88-channel and 96-channel all passive AWG multiplexers and demultiplexers. The 88-channel and 96-channel athermal AWGs were available for any configuration such as 1RU or 2RU as a basic module. POINTek's channel plans provide ITU-compliant DWDM wavelengths that are common to commercially available TOSAs in the range of C-band 1528.38nm to 1568.77 nm (equivalent to 196.15 THz to 191.40 THz). Then, this new High-Density Passive Optical TAP chassis offering expands POINTek's optical packaging application domains.

Dr. Hyung Jae Lee, CTO of POINTek, explains that this TAP solution is a natural extension of the company's over 20-years's expertise in optical packaging and integration technology beyond the domain of athermal AWG-based DWDM filters that range from 100 GHz 40-channel multiplexers/demultiplexers to 50GHz 96-channel multi/demultiplexers. "We are not just AWG specialty company. We started this business with the athermal AWG product line, and then we have added Aero-space optical product line since 2011. Now, we are adding High density passive optical TAP product line to our product portfolio," Lee adds.

"POINTek has been selling globally athermal AWG-based filters in different spectrum types and channels including dual WDM-PON enabling dual-band filters. POINTek's 96-channel 1RU chassis with MPO cabling and connectors has been sold along with 4X (X=0 to 8) channel chassis with standard or customized connectors. The most popular athermal AWG filters have been 100GHz 40-channel 1RU chassis with simple LC connector termination," according to Dr. Donald Yu, CMO of POINTek, who runs global marketing operations for POINTek in Los Angeles, California. "With the introduction of passive optical high-density TAP in the portfolio of POINTek products, we offer one-stop high-performance solutions for Data Center data transport and network security monitoring needs. And enterprise Data Center and Network operators will welcome very high-density high-channel data traffic access and transport devices in some simple and compact forms as they face efficient optical fiber management difficulties all the time at their network back-office site," Yu adds. 

POINTek's passive optical high density TAP is characterized by features such as:

-  100% passive, providing continuous network access and visibility without consuming any electric power
-  No risk of introducing points of failure when accessing network traffics
-  Flexible line-rate access at 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G speeds
-  Modular design facilitates access for both passive tools and network packet brokers today while offering scalability and 

   for tomorrow's needs
-  Highest density in lowest rack space utilization saving data center space significantly

POINTek management will be introducing these products at the IIR-Telecom sponsored NextGen Optical Networking Show at Dallas, October 8~10, 2015.

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