Launched in 2000 with the goal of developing cutting edge Planar Optical Waveguide Technology, POINTek, Inc. has become a global leader in the following two decades since its establishment, providing top-quality high performance athermal AWGs (AAWGs).  POINTek specializes in packaging and manufacturing AAWG based DWDM data transport optical device products.

Presently, we manufacture all custom-type AAWGs in various designs and features: channels from 16CH to 96CH; spectral shapes (e.g., Gaussian, Super Gaussian, Flat-Top and Super Flat-Top); channel spacing (200GHz, 100GHz, 75GHz, 50GHz and 37.5GHz); band (C-band, L-band, dual C/L cyclic bands and O-band); optional ports (e.g., monitoring port, OSC port, etc.); package configurations in-brick or LGX or nRU in-chassis; and special customized requirements (e.g., 1/2 MUX and 1/2 DeMUX in one brick).

Most popular products include:
Temperature-hardened AWGs for DWDM deployment in the extreme-temperature operating environment of -40°C~+85°C, Ultra-wide Broadband AAWGs, good for up to 400G data transmission, High-Density Modular (CO side) and Ruggedized (RN node) AAWGs and O-band Gaussian AAWGs for 5G wireless fronthaul applications and FTTH.  Though specific IPs and know-how’s about "athermalization/athermality" process-engineering-in-optical packaging, POINTek, Inc. delivers specifically customized athermal AWG products of top-performance and high-reliability with the lowest cost possible.

With years of quality AAWG production propelled and strengthened by substantial R&DT investment and innovation, we now hold the global leadership position of very few in athermal AWG technology and solution with POINTek-invented and POINTek-owned proprietary IPs. We registered IP-based highly reliable mechanically driven “athermalization” patent in East Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, and China and the Americas region such as Canada and USA.

From 2018, we met the challenges of producing 5G wireless fronthaul point-to-point DWDM Multiplexer/Demultiplexer devices based on 150GHz O-band AAWG for Korea’s largest Mobile Network Operator.  Our technology has been deployed in field for the 5G subscriber network infrastructures.  No AWG company in the world could meet such a challenge.


Standard Athermal AWG Products: 100GHz, 50GHz
Wireless Athermal AWGs Products: 5G Wireless Fronthaul AWG, WDM-PON AWG
Coherent Athermal AWGs Products: 200Gbps, 400Gbps
Optical Sensors Integrated with Athermal AWG: AWG Interrogator, AWG Channel Monitor, AWG Comb Filter
Other Products: Fiber Array Products, HD TAP Monitor
Business Innovation

Value Proposition
Provider of Innovative Optical Packaging and Integration Technologies
Eye Toward Establishing a Unique and Solid Leadership in Optical Hardware Industry

Core Competency
Process Innovation and Scalability Innovation Based on Own IP

Expertise in Optical Packaging

Athermal Packaging
Standard Optical Packaging Alignment
Multichip Integration, Hybrid Integration, Passive Alignment, etc.
Specific Market Sector 

Metro/ROADM Network Solution 
Athermal AWG Multiplexer/Demultiplexer

Access Network Solution 
WDM-PON FTTx/Broadcasting

5G Wireless Fronthaul
CRAN (Centralized Radio Access Network)
WDM-PON CPRI Wireless Backhaul

IDC/Datacom Solution 
High Density DWDM Deployment

Small Form Factor AWGs
LGX Cassettes